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  1. Hi there for a noob guy is it possible to install the armbian witth hw deconding working on kodi just like on raspberry or i need to do all this stuff? Im don´t know how to compile!
  2. Is there nay way to make it work h2 deconding on banana pi zero?
  3. no luck here on orange pi prime with last beta armbian version " pi@orangepiprime:~$ apt search usbmount Sorting... Done Full Text Search... Done pi@orangepiprime:~$ "
  4. im searching for a good one that run docker very well so i can run homeassistant influxdb grafana some web sites! what do you think I should buy in money/performance department ? Does de odroid xu5? or orangepi prime widh h5 and 2gb of ram? does the orange pi 1 plus with h6 be a good choise?
  5. I just buy this one from 17€ in gearbest When arrive i just like to install armbian if possible share the images please!
  6. I there im using orange pi zero for homeassisatnt and google assisatant since my card died i install this new version configured every thing but audio isn´t working! I fallowed this guide like before but no audio coming for my orange pi zer no recording either! I have activated analog audio I already have everything configured with homeassistant i don´t wanna configure all again! Can you please help me make audio work in this kernel or is impossible to do?