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  1. In the request you wrote logrotate.service ? I dont have that in ubuntu;18.04.3;lts 5.90 on OPiZ You mean armbian-ramlog.service ? now has [Service] Type=oneshot ExecStart=/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-ramlog start ExecStop=/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-ramlog stop ExecReload=/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-ramlog write RemainAfterExit=yes TimeoutStartSec=30sec
  2. One question Dysmas on implementation, I don't see in your request : "On a working system, it is better to copy this file from /lib/systemd/system to /etc/systemd/system to prevent possible overwriting during an update." So somehow magically /etc/systemd/system overrules /lib/systemd/system ? or do I need to change something else ?
  3. until redesigned I will try your solution on a few OPiZeros, see if it lasts :-) So do we need another request for a possible redesign or a discussion on a more worked out plan here first ?
  4. By the way, while searching for this problem, I think I read somewhere that there is a command that tells syslog and other apps to restart logs using new logs, cant remember where/which command Is that not postrotate / sharescript?
  5. rsync is preferred when it comes to reduce traffic to sd card and that is what this was all about anyway right ? I tried rsync -aXWv /var/log.hdd/* /var/test/ --exclude *.[0-9] --exclude *.[0-9].gz looks good to me, or am I missing something ? is the var/log/syslog updated inbetween so that rsync sees /var/log/syslog as a newer file than the just empty /var/log.hdd/syslog ? But I now also don't understand is that in the middle of the day, I can overwrite syslog with the version of last night, and I cant see updates when I use logger. Hmm strange. Proba
  6. Thanks Dysmas, removing one of the 2 --delete solved the problems indeed in /var/log.hdd/syslog, I now see the syslog.1 2.gz etc on a daily basis. Problem I still have , is that the log/syslog is not emptied, but keeps growing. Any ideas on that ?
  7. Hi martinayotte On var/log and var/log/.hdd : Done that, every hour, it works, obviously :-) . also using sed to remove the "IR event FIFO is full" lines But now, for a while or perhaps since then, my warning system, based on what df under /var/log reports gives false warnings : df misreports the real size eg : in WinSCP, the calculate button says 2.2MB, where df says 75% of 50MB Perhaps the varlog scripts are not happy with the delete/modify ? Reboot repairs the mismatch Edit : Moved to using du iso df, du is rep
  8. I guess you are right, at least for what I tried with Rock64 and Armbian I have USB3.0 problems mentioned elsewhere on this forum and on I used tips above for an el cheapo USB3.0 JMS597 SATA adapter cable 0x152d:0x0578 In Armbian 5.59 I had read/write speed around 80MBps ish using samba (varying between 109 and 70) But with read, after a few seconds full speed, it froze for 10-15 sec, no errors in the transferred data, but with "ERROR Transfer event for disabled endpoint or incorrect st
  9. Hi guys, Using the Pine images from ayufan for a while, I still longed back to Armbian, so all SBCs look and feel the same :-) Not that the Pine images are bad, just a bit different. The latest Ubuntu (non desktop) image 5.59 now work also on Rock-64 1GB, thanks ! Reboot is also ok. It is only confusing that the HDMI does not show anything, so initially I missed that they work, but SSH works, and that is all I need anyway. Issue closed
  10. Ok, although I did see strange results earlier today, I now can say that the patch works, tested about 10 times from scratch so I can login, update/upgrade/install some stuff I see error messages in the boot : ** File not found /boot/dtb/rockchip/overlay/-fixup.scr ** and Starting kernel ... ERROR: rockchip_plat_sip_handler: unhandled SMC (0x82000003) Loading, please wait... starting version 229 and [ OK ] Started User Manager for UID 0. [FAILED] Failed to start Network Manager Wait Online. See 'systemctl status Netw
  11. Ok, Yes 2 images (bionic/xenial)boot now with serial connected, I can login,change root password dhcp/ssh works Edit 1 ( now only using dhcp/SSH, serial disconnected) Bionic looks ok, did an update/upgrade/ installed a few packages : all ok. but HDMI : no sync, no output, no boot log and no prompt ( is that normal for bionic=development ? ) But shutdown -h now leaves red/white LEDs on, strange Also power usage does not go down, remains on 1.5W serial: Edit 2 ( now only using dhcp/SSH, serial disconnected) Xenial looks ok,
  12. So only 1 step to go then ? 1 : repair the boot script and get it into all Rock64 Armbian images Who can do that ?
  13. Yep, 4.4.124 not stuck indeed, ls does work. It is just not what I expected :-) Edit : same with dev_4.17.0-rc6 4.4.124 not stuck, ls command works
  14. Armbian_5.46.180611_Rock64_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_4.17.0-rc6.img also starts a boot, but is stuck even sooner