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  1. krachlatte

    Beelink GS1 Allwinner H6

    Hi Guys, i am owner of this box and i wanted to ask you if anyone is intressted in getting armbian running on it. Dissasambly does not look to be a big problem. and here are som pictures: from the pictures i cannot tell were the uart pins are, anyone can ? from user froezus post Hi, I have tried to boot the OrangePi One Plus image on my Beelink GS1, but either the UART is bad configured or I have damaged the TXD pin :'(. I can't stop the U-boot nor enter a login. bootlog : I try to get some information from the sys_config.fex (from gs1_rv106N0.img): reverse dts: Everything seems correct so maybe I have damaged the TXD pin. Do you think there is lot of work to make ethernet/ssh works one my board ? Thanks, Clement he found a way to get uart output but no anwser yet were this uart pins are, it looks like we already have some device treefiels her and a bootlog. anyone can help, i am here for test many thanks Krachlatte
  2. Hi @froezus, how did you boot this on the Beelink GS1 just burned the image with Win32Diskimage and it automatically booted from SD card, after modifiyng the fex file in the Orangepi image from the GS1 image sys_config_fex? no other changes ? were are the UART pins on the board, i got such a device here, i could open it up and start some testing..... best regards