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  1. I try to build a customized image as described in and by using the template with the OpenMediaVault example The goal is to build an image who auto-execute an initial setup script after being flashed and frist boot. The device has connected RGB-Leds and an OLED I2c Display on the GPIO pins. It should give color signals durring this initial setup, and then show system parameters (especially the
  2. So, finally today I am getting around to pulling trigger on (2x) ODROID-XU4, I go to AmeriDroid (US supplier), put 2 of them in cart and go off looking for emmc modules, only to come across: Has anyone seen / tested these? My internet search says no, but I thought I would ask anyway. If not, I guess it's my turn now to be the guinea pig. I think I will maybe get one of these and one "regular" emmc...
  3. Hi,after search around the internet i found out that is nearly impossible to enable I2s interface with new armbian kernel so searching a little bit more i found another solution that i have to rebuilt another armbian kernel by my own to enable but i don't know how. So I'm writing this to ask every pro member in this forum to show me the way or guide me to make the i2s interface success. Thanks all for reading this. P/s sorry for my bad English
  4. Is it possible to download debian sources for the armbian kernels? If so where are these located?
  5. Hi I am just doing some tests on a rockpi4b-2gb with a marvell 9235 sata controller and 4x Integral p5 120gb ssds. Purely out of interest as was expecting the card to bottleneck, but generally thought push it to the max and see how things go. I am just running on the default Radxa Debian-stretch-4.4 using mdadm for a start. Looking for benchmark mark tips & tricks and what I should be outputting, so we can have a look for curiosity sake. Currently syncing a Raid10 rock@rockpi4:~$ cat /proc/mdstat Personalities : [raid0] [raid10] md0 : active raid10 sdd[3] sdc[2] sdb[1
  6. Hardware: 1 - NEO-8M GPS Satellite Positioning Module for Arduino STM32 C51 $7.49 USD on Ebay. NOTE it is using TTL output. Validated USB GPS connection to work fine. 2 - Uxcell a14041500ux1216 MAX232CSE Transfer Chip RS232 to TTL Converter Module COM Serial Board for $7.37 USD (Amazon) I connected PPS pin to Pin #1 on RS-232 interface. Using Linux connected USB port and RS-232 port to laptop. I see GPS chit chat fine on two serial intefaces. Using this for a new PFSense box QOTOM Mini PC. T
  7. These days i did install on some devices debian buster (via armbian-build-system generated). On the Orange Pi One this did work also fine with the cpu-temperature (showing via armbianmonitor -m) On a Orange Pi PC2 and a NanoPi K1 Plus this doesnt work. First I did think this is a problem of the dev-image with debian buster where /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp doesnt show an output via cat or more - but its filesize does show a 4096 bytes size (also on a working device - and also rights 444 = rrr for the file): -r--r--r-- 1 root root 4096 M
  8. I have a local OpenVPN server on Banan Pi M1, with latest armbian. I tried to replace with OrangePi3 but current results is disappointing iperf3 results on Banana Pi M1 OpenVPN server Connecting to host, port 5201 [ 4] local port 46250 connected to port 5201 [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [ 4] 0.00-1.00 sec 1.69 MBytes 14.1 Mbits/sec [ 4] 1.00-2.00 sec 1.81 MBytes 15.1 Mbits/sec [ 4] 2.00-3.00 sec 2.43 MBytes 20.4 Mbits/sec [ 4]
  9. Hi guys, i dont'understand well mali driver status. Someone can explain me if a working driver exist? And if exist what is best method for build a functional driver? Ive read someting about full mali ddk source that require a license but is not clear if opensouce driver is equivalent or has limitation. I have found: If i build this there is some hope to having some kind of accelleration for a normal desktop life like showing wideo with high framerate, Youtube, etc? Thanks in ad
  10. Hi, I'm back to China and got the NEWEST Orange Pi 3 at hand. But, it looks this new SBC has NOT been supported yet (please refer to ? Just expecting when will the armbian support for Orange Pi 3 out? Cheers Pei
  11. Looking to purchase a tablet with Android to run Armbian Desktop on. Any suggestions? Looking at the FreakTab forum and see a bunch of tablets listed but no subtopics of removal of Android. Here I was able to install Ubuntu just fine on my Intel based Pipo X7.
  12. with the armiban-build-system I did build some dev-images. Sometimes I see in other threads, that later build images have newer kernel or package versions. While trying apt update && apt upgrade I didnt get these newer packages So my first try was to use the armbian-build-system and do use the function for creating u-boot and kernel that will give me some .debs in ./build/output/debs/ like this: linux-u-boot-dev-nanopineo2_5.82_arm64.deb linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64_5.82_arm64.deb linux-image-dev-sunxi64_5.82_arm64.deb linux-headers-dev-sunxi64_5.82_arm6
  13. I'm only just getting started with this project. So far I have gotten a lot of help from some great people and looking to get further along with this project as time goes on. My main goal is to turn the tinkerboard into a linuxcnc control system with a drop in SDcard/EMMC image(s). The images will be preloaded with everything needed to setup a cnc machine for different control systems such as GPIO, ETHERNET, SPI depending on one's choice or needs for control. The gpio will provide direct step/dir, end stops, router power control signals, etc.... the normal cnc machine control logic one would
  14. Some SBCs, such as PIneA64, provide a built-in RTC on-board while others do not. For those boards that do have a built-in RTC, it appears the kernel driver is configured as a builtin rather than as a module at least in some cases (I only checked a few). This in turn brings up a question: For boards that include a built-in RTC and also have the respective kernel driver configured as a built-in, should the kernel configuration to also set the system clock from that RTC (RTC_HCTOSYS) be enabled by default? There is a dependency that the RTC be built-in as the
  15. Hi all. Since I wanted a 3D intro for my Youtube Channel I started working with Blender again. Now the intro is finished I've got time to try to make a 3D Armbian Logo. I'll show some of the progress here for those who are interested. And if anybody else wants to do the same, go ahead. We can then compare the results. I've only just begun. But I needed a break so I started writing this. Here's how it begins... create a side view ...  Then put those pictures in Blender, add a cube, position it right on both pictures, and start modeling.... All done with the Nano
  16. Hi Everyone. I'm having trouble updating to TLS 1.2 on my pcDuino 3 and cannot connect to any website other than or pinging See attached return from my terminal when attempting to run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade openssl" Seems from what I can tell is a server from a company called LinkSprite. I think the company has disbanded and no longer offers any services… Also seems LinkSprite was lead/CEO by a guy named Jingfeng Liu who is the creator of pcDuino. Also Link Sprite does not monit
  17. Release WIP and CSC images from their own page with very specific limitations, including, but not limited to: no kernel or u-boot updates, ideally with the kernel and u-boot package names modified with -unsupported- Explain these are demo snapshot images, potentially even package a different wallpaper that has -unofficial- or something similar watermarked across it. Maybe even use the default WM theme.
  18. Is everybody being hit with custom & handling charges via royal mail? Added a total of £11.72 to my OrangePi H3 plus2 £3.72 customs and £8.00 handling charge. Its no bother as just curiosity with Smaller format boards but just wondering is this a Brexit shape of things to come?
  19. Just wanted to announce that Armbian-NG ( has been chosen as the OS to power the new CNX Election Meddling System ( Why? Because Python. Have a nice day and don't forget to vote!
  20. Hi, I am looking for a device, which has the following hardware: - 2x wifi adapter - 2x ethernet adapter - CSI connector for camera - 2x USB port or 1x USB and 1x USB-C port I know it would be very hard to find such a device, but an option would be to use one USB port and WiFi dongle instead second build-in WiFi and another USB to connect ethernet dogle into it. And for USB-C I can use use an USB-C-to-USB adapter... So at least I would like to find a device with: - 1x wifi adapter - 1x ethernet adapter - CSI connector for camera
  21. Hi, I bought the edimax EW-7822ULC usb wifi device (based on rtl8822). I was able to build the driver, install it, and test it (works!). Edimax provides the sources on their site. Is anyone working on incorporating this into Armbian? Steve
  22. In the following window the cursor keys (arrow up, down, left, right) aren't working: the raw terminal control chars appear instead. And the window is kind of "distorted" (for example the G char of General setup appears at the right side of the window, same with the following lines): Tried in a X console as well on tty8, same behavior. One can press only CTRL-C to get out of this window, this of course also aborts the build: How to fix this? My system: x86_64 Debian 8 (jessie) with LXDE desktop, using a Debian 8 in a LXC container for building Armbian for an A20 device.
  23. I'm a newbie to Armbian, just a hobby user, no company behind me. While building Armbian for my Banana Pi R1 (aka Lamobo R1) [Allwinner A20, sunxi] the build system gave the following warnings originating from the U-Boot project. I think some maintainers and/or experienced users should take a look at the following. ===================== WARNING ====================== This board does not use CONFIG_DM_MMC. Please update the board to use CONFIG_DM_MMC before the v2019.04 release. Failure to update by the deadline may result in board removal. See doc/driver-model/MIGRAT
  24. git clone --single-branch --branch log2zram /etc/log2ram.conf says it all. # Configuration file for Log2Ram ( under MIT license. This configuration file is read # by the log2ram service Size for the ram folder, it defines the size the log folder will reserve into the RAM. If it's # not enough, log2ram will not be able to use ram. Check you /var/log size folder. The default is 40M and is basically # enough for a lot of applications. Yo
  25. Hi everyone, I'm building a micro server based on orange pi prime and armbian, after reading a lot about sd card wear out, I started thinking how could I improve that in my project. For my project it is ok, if data would be physically written to card, every 1 minute instead of on every commit. Now, what I can't find: is there a way to generally configure such memory buffering for a filesystem, so that I don't have to configure this for a database engine?