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Found 6 results

  1. I have a brand new VIM4 NPU bare board in fanless aluminum case with power supply and Khadas cable. Khadas Ubuntu versions with gnome desktop work perfectly without any slowdown in both emmc and sd version but armbian desktops do not work! Only xfce (via oowow or latest armbian.com version) launches after several minutes but then presents slowdowns. All versions with cinnamon (oblique lines) and gnome (armbian logo) freeze after launching the desktop environment whether with an installation on emmc sd or usb… No problems with server versions, only desktop versions… I wonder if it is the fact of not having a fan and/or the NPU chip that makes the Armbian desktops incompatible?
  2. I am wondering if the ts1050 or some other embedded screen is working with the vim4 at this time?
  3. Igor

    Khadas Vim4

    Samples arrived ♥️ HW looks fascinating, Armbian is yet to be ported so can't comment how good this is in realworld. Its shipped with stock Khadas Ubuntu, kernel 5.4.y, which is good to boot something ... Technical specs at CNX.
  4. Hi everybody, I just got a hand on a generic tv box powered by 4 cores S905x. Performance from this tv box is not satisfied for me. So I am thinking about this VIM4. Can anyone please tell me how is single core and multi cores cpu performance on VIM4 vs S905x? How much faster is it?
  5. I prefer Debian to Ubuntu. Is there a possibility the VIM3 version will run on the VIM4 (doubtful)? Is anyone currently working of Debian Bulleye support for the VIM4, or interested in befinning a port? Larry
  6. Hello everybody. Today the Khadas VIM4 is being released. The VIM4 uses the Amlogic A311D2 SoC. This is a new SoC with 8-cores of which 4 x A53 @ 2Ghz + 4 x A73 @ 2.2Ghz. The board comes with 8GB LPDDR4X and an eMMC of 32GB. If you want to learn more about this new board, then watch my review video about it here. Greetings, NicoD
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