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Found 5 results

  1. Type: Giveaway


    • 3 Prizes
    • 374 Participants

    Radxa, one of Armbian’s Platinum Partners, has teamed up with Armbian to give away their Radxa Rock 5 ITX. If you are looking for your next NAS server or assemble new desktop, this could be a good solution. Get your free raffle ticket today and enter to win! While you are here, feel free to comment below on what you would do with the board if you win? Perhaps you would like to setup NAS and mirror our images, HA server, perhaps a desktop? To enter, you need to sign-up to the Armbian Forum and wait one day (24 hours) to pass the bot check, and then you can enter the contest! * Prizes will be fulfilled and sent directly by Radxa once a winner is chosen and their address is received. Be sure you can receive parcels from China. Armbian and Radxa will not be responsible for any customs duties or additional fees associated with the delivery or import of the prize.
  2. I have a problem on 2 rock-5b boards with emmc drives. on both I am unable to update the distro immediately after the first boot. On the firs SBC upon doing an apt upgrade I get: Setting up perl-base (5.36.0-7+deb12u1) ... (Reading database ... 27044 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../0-perl-modules-5.36_5.36.0-7+deb12u1_all.deb ... Unpacking perl-modules-5.36 (5.36.0-7+deb12u1) over (5.36.0-7) ... dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: unable to fsync updated status of 'perl-modules-5.36': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) W: Problem unlinking the file /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin - pkgDPkgPM::Go (30: Read-only file system) E: Problem executing scripts DPkg::Post-Invoke '/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-apt-updates' E: Sub-process returned an error code On the second I just tried sudo armbianmonitor -v: Starting package integrity check. This might take some time. Be patient please... It appears you may have corrupt packages. This is usually a symptom of filesystem corruption caused by SD cards or eMMC dying or burning the OS image to the installation media went wrong. The following changes from packaged state files were detected: /usr/bin/tzselect /usr/lib/chromium-browser/master_preferences.dpkg-dist /usr/share/doc/base-files/changelog.gz This is immediately after first boot and changing the root password.
  3. I tried hackning the rock-5A.wip file to allow me to build the collabora version, and it worked quite nicely! The board boots into linux and the ethernet port and usb seem to work! so should i try to send up a pull request to the armbian GitHub to include this change, an if so How should i do this? otherwise someone else with experience is wecome to do it too! / Kenneth
  4. i am trying to enable touch for the 8 inch display on your build, the display is from radxa, and after enabling the hadware configuration and enabling rock-5a-radxa-display-8hd from the menu, the display is working perfectly, but the touch isnt working, i was searching the official build for the touch related sources, the touch is controlled by godot GT911 driver IC, its using i2c for touch, https://forums.raspberrypi.com/viewtopic.php?t=284882 how do i get this to work on your image? attached are images on radxa images for rock 5a
  5. Hello all, since I didn't find a hint in an other blog I opened this topic. I tried to install gdm3 on a Armbian_23.5.4_Rock-5a_jammy_legacy_5.10.160_gnome or xcfe installtion in order to enable Wayland. I always got the masseage: Does anybody have an idea? Thanks, Best regards, Kersten
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