Read-only file system

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Hello there,

I'm trying to do is read-only  system. My system will only work nginx and cron.
I do not want to system update.
I made some sets available below. Do you think I'm doing all right?


apt-get remove logrotate
apt-get install busybox-syslogd
dpkg --purge rsyslog

disable swap     /etc/sysctl.conf in  ` vm.swappiness=0 `

remove fake-hwlock, install ntpdate update clock boot and every hour

rm -rf /var/lib/dhcp/
ln -s /tmp /var/lib/dhcp

rm -rf /var/run /var/spool /var/lock
ln -s /tmp /var/run
ln -s /tmp /var/spool
ln -s /tmp /var/lock

insserv -r bootlogs
insserv -r alsa-utils

fstab edit
/dev/mmcblk0p1  /           ext4    defaults,noatime,nodiratime,data=writeback,ro <- add ro
#/var/swap none swap sw 0 0 <- disable swap

disabled service:


rm /etc/cron.daily/*
rm /etc/cron.weekly/*

Is there something else I can add to you ?
Do you have a configuration can suggest




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I would better do a web search for 'overlayfs initramfs debian' and then ask if OverLayFS is available for H3 and if Armbian supports initramfs. That would be a sane approach to mount the rootfs on SD card read-only without breaking anything.

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