Orange Pi Lite 2 Wi-Fi problem

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Hi!  I have a problem with my Orange Pi Lite 2 I tried to connect my device to my home WiFi.

But the device does not see the wifi, at a distance of 10 centimeters.


I try to launch commands: 


nmtui-connect *name to my WIFI* 


nmtui-connect for show all WiFi Network. 


But in neither case does the device manage to identify the network.



I tried using:


vim /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf


I tried to edit the file and to insert the data of my network but nothing.



Can anyone give me a hand to solve this problem? 


Thanks everyone in advance!



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Yes, I see wlan0,

but it does not appear simply wlan0 but wlan0: avahi:


I tried to connect to another connection and it works perfectly.

In fact I managed to update the libraries and update the bootloader sequence.

But I don't understand why it doesn't let me use my connection and instead the other ones.

It is configured to perfection. SSID, password, DHCP, firewall, everything as it should be.

But it does not detect it.

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In the end I managed to find a solution.

To be safe, I reset the router and set all the parameters correctly. And now it works perfectly.



One last thing, I think I found an Armbian bug.

If I am already connected to the network and modify some small parameters on the Armbian router it does not

circumvent the configuration and automatically does not connect. You must disconnect from the network and re-access.


By a small parameter, I simply mean changing the router time zone or simply updating the router statistics.


I very much hope you can help improve the system.


Thanks @martinayotte for helping me, you have been very kind and very helpful.


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