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Some of the boards supported by Armbian have an mpcie slot. The only one that I know of that also has a sim slot is the celarfog pro. (Correct me if I missed something)


I found this little add on board that supposedly adds a sim card to an mpcie modem.  Think it might work on some or which of the boards?


I looked at this but I get lost in figuring out how to form the udev rules.


Anyone get 4g going on Armbian on any board in the US?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Sorry for the long delay ...


I used the Espressobin and Rock64 pro. With my espressobin I noticed the extra material in the slot was stressing the connector. I ended up going with another carrier board like this -


I tried several kinds, the ones with the little flip SIM card holder held the sim card more consistently. The little snap in types kept snapping out. Some have minute sizing differences, one fit perfectly on the espressobin, some wouldn't clip in.


I really dug that little sim card adapter at first, but it ends up being a real pain if you do anything but put it in and leave it.

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