Image build broken: nanopim4 / nanopineo4


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Hi guys,


New over here. I have been building custom images without issues for some time for Nano Pi M4. From last week it seems it is not longer building them. In case my build env was corrupted, image build process was tested on a clean VM build env with Ubuntu 18.04, without any customization, following instructions in I am just trying to buildi kernel image at the moment.


In any case, I am seeing some of the rockchip kernel patches are not being applied for some reason, and a compiler error is produced when building the kernel (specifically: looback block dev module). Anybody else is experiencing this?


By the way,  is there any way to keep a "frozen" build environment with kernel and image components not being updated for sequential builds in time? I couldn't find any information searching out there on this aspect, and definitely is a nice to have feature.


Thank you in advance.


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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Updates and fixes are desirable most of the time (specially as final user). However, in my experience when building custom images and adding custom changes, not controlling if/when the latest patch is applied can be undesirable, e.g. when validating your own changes. So, I'd say this type of feature would help determinism and reliability for users customizing images.


Finally, when a new version of the system does not work as intended, is cool being able to build a previous version and continue working on some other features/modifications.


Thanks anyway, I am aware of the effort put in Armbian, being as is very useful for people like me.


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We have an option to freeze upstream sources - pin to certain tag or release (like this), but not to exact commit. This is the only source that can make problems and where we can't use tag or release. Some RFC or workaround would be needed but ... we have no staff who would wait for your problems, no budget for R&D and support is 99.5% our cost. I have a full time job, a family ...


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