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Making donation in a better way than PayPal?


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I started contributing a few dollars per month to help defray server costs. I might like to increase this amount to help out in purchasing hardware, etc. As I stated before, I have almost no time for anything, but happy to contribute few dollars here and there as luckily I am in a position to do so.


I couldn't help but wonder however, how much the PayPal fees and exchange rate were eating into my little contribution each month? And if it's significant, maybe we can figure out a better way to transfer funds. I have a strong dislike for middle men taking a cut anyway. Parasites.

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A few months later, and I have a little more time, so decided to volunteer to help tidy up the forums. :)


I never directly received a reply to this question, but someone must have heard me because I was just looking today at the Donate page, and now I see (in addition to monthly PayPal option from before):

  • Bitcoin address
  • Amazon wish list (for purchasing hardware)
  • Contact form (for setting up bank transfer, invoice option for companies, etc.)

I for one was happy to see additional options and just thought I would share what I discovered.


You like Having Nice Things(tm)? Consider supporting Armbian today! :)

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