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tutorial MCP2515 CAN bus user overlay

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Hereby a tutorial to connect an MCP2515 based CAN bus interface to an OrangePi 3 running successfull with Buster minimal nightly with 5.3 kernel. It uses the attached user overlay only and doesn’t need any other overlay.


CAN module


26 pin header


CAN interface

40 pin header
Vcc 3.3 CON12-P01 1
Gnd CON12-P06 6
MOSI CON12-P19 19
MISO CON12-P21 21
CLK CON12-P23 23
CS CON12-P24 24
INT CON12-P26 22

Optional 5V for


on cheap

Chinese modules


Not used



with a

3.3V transceiver


Add the attached overlay with the command:

sudo armbian-add-overlay spi-h6-mcp2515.dts

The file /boot/armbianEnv.txt now contains a line:


Reboot the OrangePi 3

Check if the MCP2515 is recognized:

pi@orangepi3:~$ dmesg | grep mcp

If properly connected it should return a line containing:

mcp251x spi1.0 can0: MCP2515 successfully initialized.

As stated a can0 interface should be generated check it with:

pi@orangepi3:~$ sudo ifconfig -a



Bring up the network:

sudo ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 250000

Check if the interrupt is hooked:

cat /proc/interrupts

should return a line like this

46:          1          0          0          0  sunxi_pio_edge   8 Edge      mcp251x


Check for traffic on the CAN bus with candump from can-utils  (sudo apt-get install can-utils)

candump can0



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