RTS on OrangePi Plus2E

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Hi everyone,

I enabled on armbianEnv.txt overlays for uart1 uart2 and uart3 and also


but when I do "cat /proc/tty/driver/serial" I have:

serinfo:1.0 driver revision:
0: uart:U6_16550A mmio:0x01C28000 irq:45 tx:68 rx:0 RTS|DTR
1: uart:U6_16550A mmio:0x01C28400 irq:46 tx:0 rx:0 CTS
2: uart:U6_16550A mmio:0x01C28800 irq:47 tx:0 rx:0 CTS
3: uart:U6_16550A mmio:0x01C28C00 irq:48 tx:0 rx:0 CTS


I am using :  ARMBIAN 5.83 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.19.38-sunxi


Can anyone help me to activate RTS on any of uarts please?


Thank you



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