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research Poll : What board images do you trust to use?

Do you trust pre-made vendor images? Linux/Android  

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  1. 1. Do you trust the use of pre-made vendor images? Do you think they are secure? Linux/Android or anything else. How about Armbian?

    • Yes, I fully trust whatever image is available, and I use them often.
    • I trust some, but not from every board maker.
    • I trust and use pre-made Linux images, but not Android.
    • No, I do not fully trust the use of these images, but I still use them.
    • I would never use any pre-build vendor image, no matter what company.
  2. 2. Do you trust Armbian?

    • I fully trust the use of Armbian.
    • I have doubts in Armbian, but have not much other choice.
    • I do not trust Armbian.

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I do not wish to make this too political. But I do often get the question if we can trust all the images from board makers security wise. 
I personally try many images. I only use Hardkernel images on my Odroids. On my NVIDIA Jetson Nano I of course use the image from NVIDIA since it's got all the goodies. 
But on all other boards I use Armbian. Either official Armbian, or Balbes Armbian.
I wanted to hear your thought about this.

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Depends on the vendor - some do a better job than others...


And there, depends on the SoC's being used.


Not naming names there to avoid slanting the poll...

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