Enable ssd_1322 screen, build in kernel failed!



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I had try build a new kernel with tft screen , module ssd1322, find source , and build patch file, just like attach file <spender-ssd1322.patch>, and put it to patch : build/userpatches/kernel/sunxi-next, . then do "compile.sh",  view patching.log, and compilation.log, compiler.log, no error! , directory build/cache/sources/linux-mainline/linux-4.19.y/drivers/staging/fbtft , no fb_ssd1322.o, .mod.c, .ko file output. build failed!

help me , how to do


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had build, and now boot from os, dmesg |grep fbtft, display :

root@nanopineo:/etc/lirc# dmesg|grep fbtft
[   10.705494] fbtft: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
[   10.712490] fbtft_device: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
[   10.714226] fbtft_device: spi_busnum_to_master(0) returned NULL
[   10.714235] fbtft_device: failed to register SPI device

my patch is build from: https://github.com/prius0304/fbtft---SSD1322/blob/master/fb_ssd1322.c

any one can help me


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Here is Debug information:


# cd /lib/modules/4.19.84-sunxi/kernel/drivers/staging/fbtft
modinfo fbtft_device
filename:       /lib/modules/4.19.84-sunxi/kernel/drivers/staging/fbtft/fbtft_device.ko
license:        GPL
author:         Noralf Tronnes
description:    Add a FBTFT device.
depends:        fbtft
staging:        Y
intree:         Y
name:           fbtft_device
vermagic:       4.19.84-sunxi SMP mod_unload ARMv7 thumb2 p2v8
parm:           name:Devicename (required). name=list => list all supported devices. (charp)
parm:           rotate:Angle to rotate display counter clockwise: 0, 90, 180, 270 (uint)
parm:           busnum:SPI bus number (default=0) (uint)
parm:           cs:SPI chip select (default=0) (uint)
parm:           speed:SPI speed (override device default) (uint)
parm:           mode:SPI mode (override device default) (int)
parm:           gpios:List of gpios. Comma separated with the form: reset:23,dc:24 (when overriding the default, all gpios must be specified) (charp)
parm:           fps:Frames per second (override driver default) (uint)
parm:           gamma:String representation of Gamma Curve(s). Driver specific. (charp)
parm:           txbuflen:txbuflen (override driver default) (int)
parm:           bgr:BGR bit (supported by some drivers). (int)
parm:           startbyte:Sets the Start byte used by some SPI displays. (uint)
parm:           custom:Add a custom display device. Use speed= argument to make it a SPI device, else platform_device (bool)
parm:           width:Display width, used with the custom argument (uint)
parm:           height:Display height, used with the custom argument (uint)
parm:           buswidth:Display bus width, used with the custom argument (uint)
parm:           init:Init sequence, used with the custom argument (array of short)
parm:           debug:level: 0-7 (the remaining 29 bits is for advanced usage) (ulong)
parm:           verbose:0 silent, >0 show gpios, >1 show devices, >2 show devices before (default=3) (uint)

root@nanopineo:/lib/modules/4.19.84-sunxi/kernel/drivers/staging/fbtft# modprobe fbtft_device name=list
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'fbtft_device': Operation canceled

root@nanopineo:/lib/modules/4.19.84-sunxi/kernel/drivers/staging/fbtft# dmesg|grep fbtft
[16009.687584] fbtft_device: Supported displays:
[16009.687599] fbtft_device: adafruit18
[16009.687605] fbtft_device: adafruit18_green
[16009.687610] fbtft_device: adafruit22
[16009.687614] fbtft_device: adafruit22a
[16009.687620] fbtft_device: adafruit28
[16009.687625] fbtft_device: adafruit13m
[16009.687629] fbtft_device: lm560g   <- This my ssd1322 driver name, and build can create a file , named "fb_ssd1322.ko"
[16009.687634] fbtft_device: admatec_c-berry28
[16009.687639] fbtft_device: agm1264k-fl
[16009.687644] fbtft_device: dogs102
[16009.687649] fbtft_device: er_tftm050_2
[16009.687654] fbtft_device: er_tftm070_5
[16009.687659] fbtft_device: ew24ha0
[16009.687663] fbtft_device: ew24ha0_9bit
[16009.687668] fbtft_device: flexfb
[16009.687673] fbtft_device: flexpfb
[16009.687678] fbtft_device: freetronicsoled128
[16009.687683] fbtft_device: hx8353d
[16009.687688] fbtft_device: hy28a
[16009.687693] fbtft_device: hy28b
[16009.687698] fbtft_device: ili9481
[16009.687703] fbtft_device: itdb24
[16009.687707] fbtft_device: itdb28
[16009.687712] fbtft_device: itdb28_spi
[16009.687717] fbtft_device: mi0283qt-2
[16009.687722] fbtft_device: mi0283qt-9a
[16009.687727] fbtft_device: mi0283qt-v2
[16009.687732] fbtft_device: nokia3310
[16009.687737] fbtft_device: nokia3310a
[16009.687742] fbtft_device: nokia5110
[16009.687747] fbtft_device: piscreen
[16009.687751] fbtft_device: pitft
[16009.687756] fbtft_device: pioled
[16009.687761] fbtft_device: rpi-display
[16009.687766] fbtft_device: s6d02a1
[16009.687771] fbtft_device: sainsmart18
[16009.687776] fbtft_device: sainsmart32
[16009.687781] fbtft_device: sainsmart32_fast
[16009.687786] fbtft_device: sainsmart32_latched
[16009.687791] fbtft_device: sainsmart32_spi
[16009.687796] fbtft_device: spidev
[16009.687801] fbtft_device: ssd1331
[16009.687806] fbtft_device: tinylcd35
[16009.687811] fbtft_device: tm022hdh26
[16009.687815] fbtft_device: tontec35_9481
[16009.687820] fbtft_device: tontec35_9486
[16009.687825] fbtft_device: upd161704
[16009.687830] fbtft_device: waveshare32b
[16009.687835] fbtft_device: waveshare22
[16009.687839] fbtft_device:

root@nanopineo:/lib/modules/4.19.84-sunxi/kernel/drivers/staging/fbtft# modprobe fbtft_device custom name=lm560g startbyte=0x00 speed=8000000 gpios=reset:201,dc:200

root@nanopineo:/lib/modules/4.19.84-sunxi/kernel/drivers/staging/fbtft# dmesg |grep fbtft
[16164.294787] fbtft_device: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
[16164.296943] fbtft_device: spi_busnum_to_master(0) returned NULL
[16164.296956] fbtft_device: failed to register SPI device

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