Virtual BananaPi? Emulator for Armbian?

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is there something like a VirtualBox that can emulate a BP(M1) hardware, that can run Armbian inside?


I'm looking for a way to set up a new Armbian system for a BPM1, without having to shut down the running one longer than absolutely necessary. I have done this before with Linux servers: I installed and configured a hole server inside a VirtualBox alongside my normal computer work, then I copied the image to the real disk and swapped the disks, with a downtime of only about 5 minutes. So I was wondering if this was possible with the BananaPi as well.

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1 hour ago, pi-rat said:

So I was wondering if this was possible with the BananaPi as well.

You will need to make support. The only (Armbian) image that I manage to boot with actual kernel under QEMU was Cubieboard 1 (A10):


Setting up a NFS boot with or without FEL or using special kernel

is the only way to get closer to this.

Welcome to non x86 world :)

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