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HK1 Max - RK3318

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I bought a HK1 Max (~20$) especially for make a small linux home server for my projects.
Why Rockchip? I found rockchip repo on github with ffmpeg and gstreamer libs for hardware encoding. It's very important (but not critical necessary) for me.


  • HK1 Max 2/16 (2.4Ghz + 5Ghz + BT4.0 wireless)
  • Tech specs:
  • CPU: RK3318
  • RAM: 2Gb DDR3L Samsung K4B2G0446D
  • eMMC: 16Gb KLMAG2GE4A-A001
  • LAN: Rockchip (???)
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth: HK6334Q (Not found information about it) 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz + BT

On first run I dump some partitions from Android (This TV Box has root out of the box):

  • dtb
  • dtbo
  • boot
  • trust
  • security
  • uboot


Trying to run Armbian:
Extract dtb from my image and recompile it
Use u-boot from this thread - https://forum.armbian.com/topic/8082-armbian-for-tv-box-rk3328 (thanks @hexdump)
My trust.img

And... It hangs on Kernel boot
Then I try dtb from  @hexdump(thanks again :))
And it's boot normaly (hdmi work, usb2.0, usb3.0 work, ethernet detected)
But Wireless and Bluetooth doesnt work.

Tryed to add wireless-wlan block to hexdump dtb and recompile - wireless not work.
Tryed to replace all similar blocks in hexdump dtb to blocks from my dtb - It hangs on Kernel boot.

Can anyone help my with dtb.




boot.img trust.img dtb.img uboot.img HK1MAX.dtb HK1MAX.dts HK1MAX_recompiled.dtb

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I have the same TVbox, but i have some problem with booting armbian. I burn SD card with armbian image then dd of trust.img and uboot.img but uboot stopped at DRAM point

U-Boot 2019.10-armbian (Nov 29 2019 - 09:50:19 +0300)

Model: Rockchip RK3328 EVB

Tell me please how you boot armbian more details

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@soljah - you might give this u-boot a try:

and in case that works you'll then most probably need this one too:

best is to read a bit around those posts in that thread too to get some other good hints


best wishes and good luck - hexdump

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@hexdump I have been try all of this dd your uboot-rk3318.img and add rk3318-h96max.dtb file.

I will try one more time. What is the effect of which linux image is recorded on SD?

For chose correct dtb file need only to change name in "/extlinux/extlinux.conf"?

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please keep in mind that my dtb file was for a mainline kernel and not for the 4.4 rockchip kernel used in some images ...

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