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Olimex Lime 2-based "FOSDEM Video Boxes" will be majorly showcased at FOSDEM 2020 in about 3 days


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At FOSDEM 2020, in roughly a few days (at 2pm, Sunday 2nd of Feb, Brussels time), there will be a livestreamed explanation given of the “FOSDEM Video Box” HDMI capturing devices.  They use almost 60 of these ARM-based devices during the FOSDEM conference to capture both the video output of all presenters laptops, and the video and audio of the camera filming of the presenter. Serious video hackery accomplishes this. I would encourage anyone interested to check out the bio of Luc Verhaegen, one of the presenters.


Using these "Video Boxes", FOSDEM inexpensively streams 720p videos of all 800+ presentations! This is a small miracle, IMHO.


They use Olimex Lime 2 boards, because apparently they believe that the Allwinner A20 is easier to do their custom video stuff on.


Dear Moderators, maybe this more appropriately belongs in an "Announcement" sub-forum?  I apologize if I put this in the wrong place.

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4 hours ago, esbeeb said:


I know very well who that is. But the link gives a good summary.


What may be of interest to people around here, is that he is probably one of the main reasons the linux-sunxi wiki is as good as it is. It's my understanding at some point he poured a lot of effort into that over a year or more, and I think it clearly shows. One of the main reasons I initially bought a Cubietruck, and eventually found Armbian, as well.


He is a relatively unsung hero, that had a hand in lots of big paradigm changes in computer graphics (especially as regards freedom) in the last couple decades. That is no hyperbole. He also went through some bad times personally from what I understand. I hope he enjoys great success and recognition at FOSDEM.

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