New (old) imx6 board

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I am developing on an imx6 board that is no longer in production. It has a full Yacto-based build system that works, based on an old 3.17?) kernel, but its a pain to develop for.


It's not worth spending too much time on refactoring the image, but I'm wondering how big of a job it might be to build an Armbian image for it, given that I already have a working uboot and kernel.


The hardware just uses a couple of usbs and uarts, and a pcie wifi card. One wersion also has an hdmi encoder, another has hdmi display. Those might be the hardest to support, but driver support is in the kernel.




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24 minutes ago, webbbn said:

based on an old 3.17?) kernel,


Probably its 3.14.y since this was a kernel supported by NXP. We dropped all old kernels because modern kernel have good support for boards that make it to the mainline.


26 minutes ago, webbbn said:

given that I already have a working uboot and kernel

If you only have this old kernel, forget about. Its not worth the trouble. There are no many ways how to wire imx6 together which is why you could perhaps try with modern u-boot kernel combo or at least stock u-boot / modern kernel.

If you make it usable to some degree, its already a success. We needed years to bring Udoo and Cubox to the modern kernel and even today, not all functions works or they work, they stop working, they start again. Sometimes this is done upstream, sometimes some adjustment is needed.

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That's what I thought you would say. I don't expect to do too much with them, so I'll probably just continue to fight with the old Yacto build, but they're really nice boards that you just can't find anywhere else for this purpose, at least not that I'm aware of, other than hacking together a bunch of parts on a raspberry pi zero.


FWIW, it's the control/video transmission boards out of the 3DR Solo quadcopter and controller. They were recently resurected by the OpenSolo project to get them where they are, but I've just gotten used to just apt-getting this and apt-getting that, and building on-board.

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