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Kernel 5.4.12-imx6 - ethernet stops working

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when i changed to run the current kernel 5.4.12 the ethernet would work ok, then while transfering over smb/samba to my windows 10 box the ethernet would totally drop, as in the light on my switch went out, not just dropping a few packets!!


The only thing that fixed it was to rever "back" to 5.3.11-imx6.


Note the change both up to the 5.4.12 and then back to 5.3.11 were performed via the armbian-config tool.


(the system is running headless, and the log file does include a boot of "Linux version 5.3.11-imx6" as well as the working 5.3.11


Is anyone else seeing this?




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Just clarification the sitch light that went out is the port connected to the cubox, ie the cubox completely droppped the connect, unplug, then replugging the network cable did not bring is back either, so all on the cubox-i side.


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Thanks Igor,

Is that now on the ambian-config or a place I can down load it from so I can test it ?

Many thanks




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