fbtft with device tree overlay on mainline

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Finally I got my lcd (some of them) to work with armbian on mainline kernel (5.4) using device tree overlay. It should be working on 4.19 kernel too.

I test mine on orange pi zero. The one I am able to get working is ili9341 and st7735 based lcd.

I'll add more detail later but for now I'd like to get this out.


edit 1 :
Adding ssd1306 and nokia 5110 overlay to the repo


device tree overlay

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ili9225 : cant make it work

Havent been able to make this lcd working properly. There seem to be driver for this in tinydrm, but after reading the source, I feel the driver is wrong. For one, it use 0x2A,0x2B etc to set RAM address, while ili9225 datasheet use 0x20 0x21 . There is flexfb support for this lcd, but the scanning looks bad and no matter what parameter I change , I cant fix it. So I'll give up on this lcd.


video showing this : ili9225 test


reference : https://crimier.wordpress.com/2019/12/03/ili9225-and-fbtft/






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