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i have some difficulties to add some boot parameters to the kernel.

From what i read, the most safe procedure is to use the armbian-config tool, that will add the parameters to /boot/armbianEnv.txt file.

As i have understood, the armbianEnv will be readed by the boot.cmd/boot.scr at launch, without need to recompile anything.

I have added the needed parameters using armbian-config, but does not work.

To be precise, the commands that i have to add are:



I need to disable the drm composite output because my monitor is.....well, not good and the composite output cause a lot of problems.

I have also tried to enable the boot logo changing the value from "disabled" to "enabled", but nothing has changed.

I'm doing something wrong? I miss something?

I have also tried using the procedure described here without success:

Can someone help me?

Thanks for the attention and the dedicated time.

Have a good day

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19 hours ago, chwe said:

I would try "video=composite-1:d".. this goes in over u-boot variables, and they tend to mess up stuff.. cause it's then more like extraargs=video=composite-1:d whereas it should be extraargs="video=composite-1:d"..



So you suggest to change the command to "command" right? I tried it but nothing happen. Maybe your suggestion works, but the command itself doesn't. As i know, all current kernel boot parameter can be found on /proc/cmdline file, but there isn't.


Solution found:

I tried to use some of the texts you suggest, specifically the extraargs=video=composite-1:d (without quotes) works.

Seems that the script look for the extraargs= prefix and add everything next to kernel parameters.

It appear on /proc/cmdline and the command seems to work, now that connector is listed ad "disconnected".

Thanks a lot for the help and the dedicated time!

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