Orange Pi Zero - Official GPIO Full Guide for Newbies

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Hi Everyone !

I'm trying to find an Official full guide "How to setup and control GPIO on orange Pi zero devices".

I find some parts of informations about it on the net but I don't understand the full steps to do it, it is not enough clear for me.

1) Some people are using unofficial python libraries. But I can see that these libraries seem being a fork from Rpi devices and all GPIO interfaces are not tested.


2) I have found the DT Overlay Guide but it explains only how to setup GPIO (not how to use it in a batch, python or c file)


3) Official sunxi documentation

In this article, it speaks first about the sysfs method but it seems a deprecated method.



I would like a guide with some examples that explains how to setup and control GPIOs as I/O pin, i2c port, spi port and serial port.


1) a simple example to configure a pin as input :

- setup the desired pin as an input

- using IO level change event/interruption with a batch, python and c file.


2) other examples with the I2C, SPI and serial port interface.


3) an history overview with all differents ways to do it with their life state (deprecated, official/non-official, etc.)



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