Like - Initializing boot logo image aka bootsplash

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This topic has been discussed earlier but there is not concrete mechanism explained to achieve this.


Ideally I would like to display a boot logo or boot splash during startup. The device is Orange Pi Plus 2e

As per experience and as mentioned on this forum earlier plymouth was not useful in this case.


I tried to set logo="enabled" in /boot/armbianEnv.txt but this doesn't help.


When Armbian loads for first time on the device from the image downloaded from this site, it displays 'Initializing Boot Loader' logo image. Pretty cool!!!


Can we have something like this for a custom image displayed each time on reboot. I understand that this will be displayed only till kernel loads, but that is good enough of me. I can settle with this limited functionality, but am lost on how to do this.


Any pointers or suggestion will be highly appreciated.


Stay safe!




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Found this relevant topic on the forum so closing this.





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