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Nanopi M4 V2 wifi problems



EDIT: I hate to have to admit this, but I completely forgot that the nanopi m4 v2 needs external antennas for its wifi to operate properly. (I bought just before the coronavirus hit, and it was several weeks before I got back to setting up the board. First board I've had that needs that.)


Having terrible troubles getting a working wifi on various Armbian OSes on nanopi-m4v2.



  • Armbian_20.05.1_Nanopim4v2_bionic_legacy_4.4.213_desktop.img
  • Armbian_20.02.7_Nanopim4v2_buster_legacy_4.4.213_desktop.img
  • (Armbian_20.05.2_Nanopim4v2_focal_current_5.4.43_desktop.img - just won't boot, as of 24h ago)
  • Armbian_20.05.2_Nanopim4v2_buster_current_5.4.43_desktop.img


I run off a cellphone hotspot. It seems it has to be an inch away to get a reliable first authentication, and any functional data rate after that.


The connection can drop if I move the phone to the other side of the desk, definitely if I put the phone a couple of feet out the door.


The laptop has no such problems, so its not the phone.


I compared the devices with `sudo iwlist wlan0 scan`



Frequency:2.462 GHz (Channel 11)
Quality=23/70  Signal level=-87 dBm 

Nanopi M4: bionic (Linux nanopim4v2 4.4.213-rk339 #7 SMP Sat May 30 13:20:02 CEST 2020...)

Frequency=2.462 GHz (Channel 11)
Quality:1/5 Signal level:-87 dBm Noise level:-92 dBm
IE: IEEE 802.11i/WPA2 Version 1


I tried the DietPi image for the device, but it couldn't even complete a firstrun login/config because it couldn't detect any wifi hardware. (Reported here).


Also, I note that some have had wifi troubles over at the Openmedia forums with this board, although presumably this is the first version.


Could a firmware/driver issue cause this? A bad batch of boards? Its not as if the whole internet is awash with complaints.


I don't have the technical skills to pursue this myself, (compiling, builds, swapping kernels, etc), but if it helps, I could try things at your instruction.

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