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OctoPrint on armbian

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Yes, that is exactly why I decided to just give up for now and move to the Rpi.   It definitely on prints longer than 12 hours, but the last one happened at like 2%. Once we get things rolling with all of our printers I will enable the serial log and attempt a long print again, and get back to you with it.  Thanks for the followup @ldiaz.  

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On 8/29/2020 at 10:55 AM, ldiaz said:


Sorry to hear that.  The problem you are describing is hard to debug as is related with intermittent communication. It can be anything form octoprint to usb kernel drivers for this SOC, usb cable or sockets or even the firmware of the 3d printer. I think you can enable the serial logger in octoprint to try to identify when the freeze happens.


 My experience with a couple of OpiZeros LTS is good with a couple of printers (Ender 3 and a I3 clone) is stable. I've printed long prints of 10-12 h without problems.


When i first started using octoprint on an allwinner board, nanopi m1 in this case, I had a lot of usb connectivity issues with both my printer and a usb camera installed. I eventually found a post somewhere suggesting that the issue was with the "ondemand" cpufreq governor, and that switching the governor to "userspace" or "performance" should fix it, and it did fix it for me. This was on a 4.17 kernel i think.  I don't know if the same issue is expected to exist in later kernels. 

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Wow thanks where is that? We have pretty much given up printing from octopi on long prints (which is almost all of our prints) because of layer shifts and other problems.  From the SD card it has much less issues, and it is working, mostly, for us. That's from Rpi, not even Opi, but I've been thinking to try the Opis again and see if we still have the problem. 

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I tried this on a H96max Rock board. No joy at all. It seemingly connects to the network (at least gets an IP address) but no Octoprint web interfce and no response to anything but ICMP packets.

Putty is no-go.

Back to the drawing board, not being a linux type :)


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