mmaping framebuffer on focal, teres


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I'm not familiar with the a64 graphics driver and some tty graphics software of mine is failing on Armbian Ubuntu Focal after working fine on the Bionic image.


Earlier I was able to mmap() /dev/fb0 to display graphics in a tty.  On Focal 20.04, running linux 5.4.43-sunxi64 , mmap() on /dev/fb0 is failing with EPERM (operation not permitted).


Is this new error something anybody knows about or could give a link to find a possible driver change that's responsible?  It seems there might be a few different video drivers on this system and I haven't looked at them before.


/sys/class/graphics/fb0/name contains sun4i-drmdrmfb

/sys/class/graphics/fb0/device/modalias contains of:Ndisplay-engineT(null)Callwinner,sun50i-a64-display-engine


Thank you.

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