Breaking N2 eth0 in nightly and mainline patch

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eth0 get link on the N2 with 5.6.18-meson64 (root@builder) but after switching to nightly 5.7.9-meson64 (root@stable) link errors with


[   76.174115] meson8b-dwmac ff3f0000.ethernet eth0: PHY [0.0:00] driver [RTL8211F Gigabit Ethernet] (irq=25)

[   76.278174] meson8b-dwmac ff3f0000.ethernet: Failed to reset the dma

[   76.278892] meson8b-dwmac ff3f0000.ethernet eth0: stmmac_hw_setup: DMA engine initialization failed

[   76.287895] meson8b-dwmac ff3f0000.ethernet eth0: stmmac_open: Hw setup failed


I've tracked this to a needed delay in the overlay, a patch is available here:


Thanks for an outstanding build! If there is a bug tracker someplace this should be logged, please point me in that direction. 



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