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  1. @dolphs see if it builds when adding EXTRAWIFI=no
  2. run `armbianmonitor -u` to provide debugging info.
  3. This is odd.. as whenlooking at the kernel config used iptables modules are there. Debian buster does use nftables, so there most be some underlying issues. maybee reinstall iptables-legacy package and reboot before setting alternative? what does this command return? find /lib/modules/|fgrep -i tables also please run and share link for sudo armbianmonitor -u
  4. Hi! Quick reminder 1 week (2020-07-18 ) until branch freeze for Release
  5. So I made some progress [drm] Got external EDID base block and 1 extension from "edid/edid.bin" for connector "HDMI-A-1" but xrandr doesn't see that port "HDMI-A-1" as an output. FYI drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/your_edid.bin is deprecated in favor of drm.edid_firmware=edid/your_edid.bin
  6. we can work from this thread.. ticket is mostly for release tracking...
  7. well I tried DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE. against Armbian-current w/ Amlogic on n2.. no change tried it on RK3399 (Opi4) against Armbian-dev 5.7.y no change
  8. Thank you.. ticket created
  9. OMG I think you just identified what's been driving me crazy 4k works on Allwinner but hadn't been with Amlogic or rockchip lane@billroyall:~/GIT/build/config$ fgrep DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE kernel/* kernel/linux-imx6-current.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-imx7d-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-meson64-current.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-meson64-dev.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-meson64-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-meson-current.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-meson-dev.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-meson-legacy.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-mt7623-dev.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-mt7623-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-odroidc4-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-odroidxu4-current.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-odroidxu4-dev.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-odroidxu4-legacy.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-rk322x-current.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rk322x-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rk3399-legacy.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-rockchip64-current.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rockchip64-dev.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rockchip64-legacy.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-rockchip-current.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rockchip-dev.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rockchip-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rockpis-dev.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-rockpis-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-s5p6818-legacy.config:# CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is not set kernel/linux-sunxi64-current.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-sunxi64-dev.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-sunxi64-legacy.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-sunxi-current.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-sunxi-dev.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y kernel/linux-sunxi-legacy.config:CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE=y
  10. thanks for reporting. created issue
  11. Not running when you login to text console? Desktop?
  13. lanefu

    Orange pi 4

    I've been trying rosetta on kernel 5.6 and 5.7 and it just seems like it overheats and drops dead pretty quick with rosetta. showing those temps also have you had much luck there? I'm cranking CPU max back now to try again.
  14. I believe it has more to do with OMV taking over network control.. may want to check OMV forums for tips. Most don't use WIFI with OMV, so it's understandable this edge case has come up. Others may have some ideas.
  15. added annotation that it may container spyware
  16. I've updated our canned response to below.... I saw no need to revoke Etcher's status.. as it is easier to install, but I updated it's description to be more....accurate ----------------------------- Armbian's archives can be uncompressed with 7-Zip on Windows, Keka on OS X and 7z on Linux. Images shall only be written with imaging tools that validate burning results. This saves you from corrupted SD card contents. Approved Tools: USBImager a lightweight cross-platform imaging tool Balena Etcher an electron / node.js based cross-platform imaging tool
  17. that is bold! I hope it goes smoothly.. You could try the Armbian testing tools.. its just a few config files to adjust for your use..
  18. lanefu

    Odroid C4

    I just shove female dupont connectors on the pins on the odroid serial ports and works fine.
  19. There's a wealth of text editors that support syntax highlighting, but seriously you're probably in vim and emacs territory.