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RTL8189FS patches for Mainline

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I've been working on the rtl8189fs patches for Mainline.


Althouth the source code change between Legacy and Mainline is pretty trivial, preparing good and nice patches becomes a tedious task :


- First, the original patch in Legacy contains tons of DOS file formatted (strange for a Linux driver, shame on Realtek) and even dos2unix failed on some files because of binaries character (probably Chinese), I had to edit many files because I wouldn't "signed-off" such ugly thing. (btw, maybe that dos2unix job should be done one Legacy to make it cleaner)


- It is a quick big patch, but about the same size as the one in Legacy, about 10MB of text file.


- Even after applying the patch, we still need to have some other patches, one for DefConfig in Igor's lib/config and one for DTS which I will work on tomorrow ...


- Then, lots of testing need to be done, especially that I need to figured out that everything is working in the fresh build environment, then a PR will be sent to Igor.

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