Focal vs Buster?

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I'm trying to setup a server based on an Odroid HC2. I chose Armbian Buster but I'm having problems because arm64 isn't as well-supported as 32-bit. I'm thinking about starting over with Focal but I wanted to double-check first...

  1. Is Focal 32-bit?
  2. Does it still have/use armbian-config and softy? (I assume so, but just in case those are exclusive to Buster, I thought I'd ask.)

Thanks for the guidance!

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Focal and Buster have nothing to do with the architecture. Both flavors are available for armhf (32bit arm) and arm64 (64bit arm).

Btw. running armhf binaries in compat on arm64 is not supported by either one of those.


You never had to use armbian-config. It is just a tool for lazy people and newbies. You are free to do everything by hand. It is included in every Armbian image.


I discussed further differences between the flavors here:


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It's not a case of arm64 not being as well-supported. In general most modern software has way better support on arm64 than armf. If you're on a 64-bit processor, you can choose. HC2 will simply not do arm64 since it's a 32-bit processor.


You can use either distro. I'd personally vouch for buster, or even bullseye. debian's testing is generally relatively stable in this phase of the lifecycle, and buster has old versions with known issues of some packages by now.

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