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OrangePI 4B and 10.1 MIPI DSI LCD + Touch - DTS integration


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Hello Folks, Good day.
I hope you're doing great.

I'm trying to make the OrangePI 10.1 inch MIPI DSI (product page) work on the most recent (mainline) Armbian build.
Building the image using the OrangePI source repositories and following the instructions on OPi4B manual enables the LCD and touch, However, my intention is to make the LCD + Touch work on the most recent Armbian Focal (mainline).

I've setup my Armbian build env but I cannot see to find how to enable this MIPI screen on any build options.


Here's the instructions from Page #20 of OPi 4B manual:

Download the Linux source code and make the following changes in dts
--- a/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3399-orangepi-lcd.dtsi
+++ b/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3399-orangepi-lcd.dtsi
@@ -40,12 +40,12 @@
        max-x = <800>;
        max-y = <1280>;
        tp-size = <101>; // <911> for 8 inch // <101> for 10 inch

        - status = "disable";
        + status = "okay";
&dsi {
        - status = "disable";
        + status = "okay";
        panel@1 {
            compatible = "simple-panel-dsi";
            reg = <0>;

That specific file doesn't exist on the Armbian build directory tree. I'm not familiar enough with the dts and dtsi files to be integrating it.

I've been searching the forum for answers but, so far, I'm not able to make it work.

I'm looking for help on enable it and appreciate any pointers or guidance that can help make the LCD + Touch work on a mainline kernel version.

I linked some dts files from the OrangePI source repository that "might" help. I'm thankful for any help.


Thank you.

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