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Teamviewer-host fb0 shows only after connecting monitor.


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Hey all 


I am pretty new to Linux and Arm devices and not native English speaker so sorry for eye bleeding typos and grammar.


I have a trouble to make TeamViewer-host work on Headless Armbian Focal 5.4.46.

Installation goes with no issues, but at the end of setup I am getting this error message:

"The framebuffer console seems to be unavailable or has the wrong format. For connections to framebuffer consoles to work please make sure that /dev/fb0 is accessible and configured to at least 16-bit depth."


I already find out that when I connect any monitor to HDMI I can see /dev/fb0 and I can connect using Teamviewer.  The monitor can be disconnected and the Teamviewer will still work until next reboot.

Is there any way how to workaround the need to plug in monitor in order to have /dev/fb0 available?


I know there are other options than Teamviewer but in my situation this is only viable option.


Thank you 



After connecting monitor dmesg shows:

[  531.445323] Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 240x67
[  531.494815] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: fb0: rockchipdrmfb frame buffer device


Is there any way how to trigger this without connecting monitor ? 


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I guess that you could always try to recompile your kernel and enable the "Virtual Framebuffer" driver ( CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL=y ) and see how it goes.

This should create a virtual /dev/fbX node... If you don't plug your monitor on startup, this one should be /dev/fb0 . Else, you'll have to play with udev to either force vfb to /dev/fb0 or the rockchip driver to /dev/fb1.



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Thanks for the response. @Myy


For anyone following this thread and who is looking for quick fix for TeamViewer. I managed to resolve it with $3 Dummy HDMI plug. 


I will look into your suggestions as I think there should be better way than use dummy plug.


Thanks again for your time.


P.S.: Is the CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL=y suppose to go to boot.cmd/armbianEnv.txt or I just need to follow this guide. Sry for stupid question.


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Well, to add the "Virtual Framebuffer" driver, you'll have to reconfigure and recompile the Linux kernel using the armbian build tools, and ensure that CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL is set to 'y (* compiled within the kernel)' or 'm' (compiled as a loadable module) when configuring the kernel...


If you're not familiar with these tools, and you have no idea what "recompiling a kernel" means, the $3 Dummy HDMI plug might be WAY better for the time being.

Even more due to the fact that I'm not sure that it will solve TeamViewer problem entirely. I just think so, since the virtual framebuffer can be used for "off-screen rendering purposes", so TeamViewer should be able to use it to read/write pictures into the framebuffer, and then send it through the network...

Edit : Yes, you'll need to follow the guide you mentioned, if you want to reconfigure and recompile a custom kernel for your board.

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