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should I update?


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I've been running two sbc (Odroid HC2) for about 1,5 years. I recently realised that the os it is running on is outdated (Debian Stretch with Armbian Linux 4.14.150-odroidxu4). There is a nextcloud instance running on it and I really (!) like the stability of my setup. So far, I've had one (1) crash in 1,5 years on a system that is running 24/7, maybe heat related in the hot summer. Reboot automatically once a week, nightly off-site backup, login via ssh-keys. So my question is...: Shall I update and if yes shall I do this from a fresh install or is there a built-in way?



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

ahh okay. The reason I even realized that my HC2 is not running the most recent armbian is that I have another one, which I set up some months later and this other one shows the CPU cores differently in htop: "(.big.LITTLE)", whereas the HC2 running the nextcloud only shows 8 lines of "(    .LITTLE)", as if there were no .big cores. When comparing those two machines, which I thought were running on the same OS, I found out that in the months between setting up these two machines, there must have been the armbian OS update.


So, I guess I'll stay with stretch (and try to figure out why there are only .LITTLE cores showing). Thanks!

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