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Hi all. 
For gaming on the Raspberry Pi 4 there is nothing better(opinion) than TwisterOS.
It is Raspberry Pi OS with a lot preinstalled tools for gaming. Also very nice skins to make your OS look like old Windows versions, or even MacOS.
You can play old Windows games with it thanks to Box86 + wine which is preinstalled and configured. 
Also native x86 Linux games run amazingly well with it. 
There is a Steam client preinstalled. Is must say I've never used it, since I've never used/liked Steam. 

You can download TwisterOS here : https://twisteros.com
The official TwisterOS reviewer on Youtube is @Salvador Liébana and his colleague from Pi Labs : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgfQjdc5RceRlTGfuthBs7g
If you got questions about TwisterOS you can go to Discord and find the TwitserOS group. And for Box86 there is also a Discord group.

I also made some videos about it. First how to install it and configure it to your choice. 

Next is Windows games on Twister OS 1 :

Here video number 2 of Windows games on TwisterOS.

You can also use TwisterOS to run old Windows programs. Here my video about that.

I still need to make videos about x86 Linux games on TwisterOS, and console emulation. 
When done I will also share these here.
Please share your experiences. 

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