X86 Windows and Linux programs and games on RK3399 with Box86 Armbian Reforged


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Hi all.
I wanted to put some light on the fact that you now can run some x86 Windows and Linux programs and games on the RK3399 with Box86.

I have a topic about it in my lonely "Gaming on ARM club"

I've made a preview video about it last week.
I've done some further tests. It is just amazing. Plays way better than the RPi4. Tho not yet as many things work.
@Salvador Liébana made prebuild images with Box86 preinstalled, and with many other emulators.

You can download it here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQtgWz2pH2TX9Qs_bcDU9zn7w4edfcVf/view?fbclid=IwAR0SRSC8M_1_qm825n4Bd7bqjLmO30qTpFo73qQQga-TC_LRuc2BVFcGzKU

Has been tested on many RK3399 devices.

After burning on the SD-card/eMMC. Set /boot/armbianEnv.txt to point to the correct .dtb file.
On first boot change the user password and the root password. Default password is 123456

Type default password 123456 and 2x your new password

sudo passwd
Type user password and 2x new root password

Update and upgrade

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Then update Box86
Applications -> Emulators -> Update Box86

For HDMI sound you might need to disable the other audio device since it always defaults to it on reboot.
Volume control -> Configuration -> disable the one that's not HDMI audio

With M4/M4V2 you might need to set the governor to performance. Otherwise it is unstable. Be sure to use heatsink + fan to keep it cool. Or clock it lower with big cores for lower temperatures.
Best to use "sudo armbian-config", you can also set your locales with it.
Or set manually by changing /etc/default/cpufrequtils

To start a windows program or game

wine program.exe

For Linux x86 something like

wine start.sh

You can switch Windows versions if something doesn't work. For older games/programs for example Windows 98, newer XP...
To do this go to Applications -> Emulators -> Wine Configuration

You can also mount virtual drives there.

Not only is this amazing to be able to play your favorite old games n an RK3399.
It can also be a way to replace old x86 machines running legacy x86 software.
So this really is "a game changer" for ARM.

Now this works I can't wait to see this working on the Odroid N2/N2+. But for that we'll have to be a bit more patient.


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1 hour ago, Salvador Liébana said:

thanks for the post nico! well, with rk3399 across all.my team we will.make some severe changes on this armbian build. we will move to xfce abd rebrand the build as TwisterOS armbian. the idea would be to start with RK3399, then S922x, not only N2 bc they are competitors arising and also bc you know I don't like N2. cheers! 

Nice to hear. I do like xfce more. I'm used to it, and it has the best taskbar tools.
I can't wait for the a922x. Shall be amazing for my favorite games.
So do I ned to call my video install TwisterOS armbian or Armbian Reforged aka TwisterOS? Just need to pu my voice onto it and it'll be ready.

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