limit SSD/NVME speed to save battery life?

Salvador Liébana

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Hi, this is a request...kinda, more like asking for help. A frined of mine have a PBP but his nvme draw tooo much battery. can we limit the speed of the nvme to save battery life. it would be handy also for servers that doesnt requiere that much write/read speeds and prefer power consumption rather than speed. maybe someone have an hdparm tip for that. thanks!!! 

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6 hours ago, Salvador Liébana said:

can we limit the speed of the nvme to save battery life.

Hi, have your friend tried passing pcie_aspm.policy=powersave to the kernel's command line?

It can be done with "extraargs=" stanza in /etc/armbianEnv.txt


I use it with all (two ;p) my rk3399 nvme setups and also with my Armbian build server. I remember it lowering both SSD temps and overall power usage.

I don't have hard figures on both savings and performance loss and... YMMV depending on the drive but it's worth trying.

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