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Video : Review of an AWS Graviton2 ARM server

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Hi all.
I've just finished a new video where I review an Amazon AWS Graviton2 arm64 server.
This is a monster with 64 high-performance N1 cores.
It isn't clocked that high at 2.5Ghz, but it performs amazing for that clockspeed.
Here is my video.

Here all the info I've gathered.

AWS Server 32-cores 128GB

NEOVERSE N1 64-core AWS Graviton2
ARMv8.2 aarch64
Arm’s Neoverse N1 cores -> based on A76 -> almost identical to Arm’s 64-core reference N1 platform -> CPU cores are clocked a bit lower 2.5GHz and only 32MB instead of 64MB of L3 cache
Max speed 2500Mhz
8-channel DDR-3200
128GB ram
64 PCIe4 lanes
TSMC’s 7nm process node
~1W per core at the 2.5GHz frequency
between 80W as a low estimate to around 110W estimation. This info is not disclosed by AWS

7z single core
Ampere 32-core     : 2763
AWS 32-core        : 3393
Threadripper 3990x : 4545

7z quad core   :  
Raspberry Pi 4 @ 1.5Ghz :  6307
Odroid N2+ 4xA73@2.4Ghz :  9900
Ampere 32-core          : 11145
AWS 32-core             : 13733
Threadripper 3990x      : 18060

7z all cores   : 
Ampere 32-core     :  85975
AWS 32-core        : 110628
Threadripper 3990x : 391809   433702 OC

Blender BMW CPU
Odroid N2+         : 30m
Ampere 32-core     :  8m27s
AWS Server 32-core :  2m08s
ThreadRipper 3990x :    30s

Blender Barber shop CPU 
AWS Server 32-core : 8m28s
Threadripper 3990x : 2m18s79

CPU Miner
Odroid N2+         :   14
Ampere 32-core     :   87
AWS Server 32-core :  154.20
ThreadRipper 3990x : 1310

SBC bench : http://ix.io/2FrG

Internet speed test between 1500 Mbit/s and 2000 Mbit/s both up- and download (up to 250MB/s)

I had 32-cores of the 64-cores. It is expected to perform a bit worse per core with 64-cores vs 32-cores since less cache available per core.

There's a newer Ampere 80-core N1 at 3Ghz SoC.  


Thank you to @lanefu for giving me access to this.

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