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Mainline moving target

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Those past days, I was working on getting DT ConfigFS Overlays into sun8i-dev.


Today, I've suddenly saw that the version from that we are using from https://github.com/megous/linux(branch orange-pi-4.6) change from 4.6.2 to 4.6.4.

I didn't care much until I figured out that we loose all the UART1/2/3/4 (only keeping the debug UART0) as well as all I2C (except the one on r_pio for PMIC).


So, "megous" github is back to almost what linux-sunxi github is providing, without all the patches for UART/I2C that I had prepared 3 months ago.

I get I will have to re-integrate them on our side until there merge into real linxx-sunxi branch.




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First, that pretty new, so let's the dust settle down !

Second, I don't know your knowledge about Kernel development, but you should remember that odd/even number in branches under Linux means Stable/Dev branches.

Stable 4.6.x cames out few months ago after a lot revamps in 4.5.x. This is now the Stable, and we are now using 4.6.4 in Armbian if you build your own kernel, but no image published yet since there are some stuff missing.

New 4.7.x can be interesting in a future, but it is probably NOT for you, except if you wish to become a Mainline kernel developer ... :P

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