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S905X3 TV Box - Need image and dtb


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First of all, I am sorry to create new topic on this subject

I wanted to reply and ask on the existing topic but closed now


I have a X96 Air P3 and would like to use Armbian


This box is a S905X3 with a Mali-G31 mp2

4gb and 64gb rom


I tested all possible image in the unified topic but no result

On the last topic, it say Armbian_20.09_Arm-64_buster_current_5.8.5.img working fine


I would like to download it but didn't find in the download section

I also would like to know what is the correct dtb file to use


I really appreciate your help and especially your work done for this SOC :)


Best regards


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Search Before Posting!


Many thanks for your reply

I already read this thread beofre and I confess I am totaly lost with all comments


I already tested many images from repository and no one run on my box

If i configure my usb stick with the tutorial, i have a black screen and that's all


I found somewhere on the forum a pack with the u-boot.ext, aml script and boot.ini file

What I have is a green screen and don't continue booting

I choosen the dtb you specified but no results


This is also the reason why I asked where I can find the correct image because recent versions seems not compatible


Many thanks for your help


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