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Armbian a real FLOSS project? A chitchat between users


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2 hours ago, garinus said:

because we don't know how to do it


If "we" are a company (and especially if this is some commercial product), perhaps consider hiring someone to do this development for you?  Someone who do know what they are doing?  There are certainly a few people around here meeting that description...


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Donate and support the project!

Hi @TRS-80, I'm the other guy of the "we" pronoun.

The fact that my colleague is asking for help in a forum that is supposed to help people having trouble making stuff working seems pretty normal to me, even if the target is to make a commercial product.

Open source projects (like Armbian) rely on a community of people helping each other out. I've never seen anybody on StackOverflow reply with "If you don't know how to do it, just hire somebody who does".


Armbian is a very nice product with a well made documentation and we (at work) are using it on different projects because we think it's stable and reliable, and we always found this fourm and its topics helpful to us to solve our problems.

Nobody is born knowing everything, so when I cannot figure how to solve a problem, I try finding a solution and if needed, I ask for help.


I hope you understand.

If nobody can't help us, we'll keep trying until we find a solution.

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Well, I appreciate you being frank and opening a dialogue.  Therefore I will also be frank.  I hope you understand, too.


1 hour ago, MattCostamagna said:

a community of people helping each other out


Yes.  However looking at both of your post histories, all I see (in fairness, it was only a quick look) is you guys coming here seeking support.  And not many (any?) replies trying to help any other people.  Therefore are you really "members of the community"?  Other (less charitable) words come to my mind, but I am trying to be civil.


Contrast this to my post history, or any of other people I recognize around here as being "members of the community."  In my case, currently 310 posts (not that post count matters, also I probably talk too much), however 78 reputation which probably means that I helped at least a few people at some point.  I would consider myself a "member of the community."


An important difference between these forums and some place like Stack Overflow for instance, is that there is a huge company, a business model, and lots and lots of resources behind some place like that.  Armbian, being a true community project, have none of those sort of resources behind us.  Which is why, in addition to the time and effort I contribute here, I also contribute my few bucks per month (even though I am only an individual, with no business interest whatsoever).  Because as you correctly point out, Armbian is a nice project and I (personally) don't want to see that go away.


Now, if you guys are just starting out some business, and cannot afford it then fine and don't worry about it.  People will probably still help you, sooner or later.[0]  No one is preventing that and that was not my main point.  But rather that, if you guys really consider yourselves some part of this community, perhaps get involved a bit more.  And maybe if (or when) you can afford to, consider chipping in a few bucks, too.


Me looking into your post histories aside, this is not really even about you specifically, so apologies if you feel I am singling you out.  Rather this is a larger problem in all of "open source."  I don't know how long you have been around it, but I have seen a lot of projects go away because of burnout and not being sustainable.  This is the old saying "free as in freedom, not as in beer."  In other words, the important meaning in Free Software is the "freedom" bit, not the "no cost" bit.


Development and support are very real and ongoing costs.  And as our resources (part time unpaid volunteers, with no company behind) are extremely scarce, I hope you can understand why I and others (you may have seen Igor saying similar things) are so protective of them.




[0] And this was my other point.  If you need help right now, and you can afford it, this probably gets your problem solved faster.

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I'm sorry you meant this as a claim for help, the request aimed to knowing if there were any guides on how to make these kernel changes. I will not enter more into the discussion as in my opinion we are already off-topic.


The need to switch from MCP2515 to MCP2518 is due to the fact that the MCP2515 is at the end of its life cycle, so soon other people will have the same need and therefore it seemed to me a good way to bring together all the procedures within a topic. Our questions have always been of this type, and at the end of the topic if we found a solution we summarized it, if necessary, and the same will appen in this case.

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