How to install "numpy" on Pine a64 1gb?


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I am using Pine A64 1Gb as a development board where I am using Armbian 20.11.7 Buster with Linux 5.10.4-sunxi64 as my OS and i tried installing Numpy either directly on board through terminal or from SSH after running for few minutes it freezes and i have to power reset the board.

I am using command:

pip3 install --verbose numpy

and it freezes after these last few lines:

  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/umath/ufunc_object.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: build/src.linux-aarch64-3.7/numpy/core/src/npymath/ieee754.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: build/src.linux-aarch64-3.7/numpy/core/src/npymath/npy_math_complex.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/npymath/halffloat.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/common/array_assign.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/common/mem_overlap.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/common/npy_longdouble.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/umath/extobj.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/common/ucsnarrow.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: build/src.linux-aarch64-3.7/numpy/core/src/umath/scalarmath.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/common/ufunc_override.c
  aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc: numpy/core/src/common/numpyos.c

Any help would be great.

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

On 2/1/2021 at 12:18 AM, tparys said:

Can you use a pre-packaged copy from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories?


# Python 2.x
sudo apt install python-numpy

# Python 3.x
sudo apt install python3-numpy

Using Python3.x command worked for me.

Thanks for help.


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