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C2 random packet loss on eth0


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I'm getting a random packet loss on the ethernet connection. When pinging, about 6-8% pings are lost, the ssh connection sometimes freezes for a moment. 


Things I've tried so far:

  • Disabled NetworkManager, added eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces with a static ip4 address
  • Disabled EEE for eth0
  • Replaced ethernet cable
  • Plugged into different switch


None of them made something better. My C1 & C4 with the same Armbian Buster version/release don't have this issue. 


How to investigate deeper in this issue?


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Might be worth trying to isolate the problem to hardware or software?


Maybe try a build from HardKernel and see if you can reproduce the fault? If you're still having the issue, there may be something wrong with your board.


If you can't reproduce the fault, maybe try one of the older images and see if there's different behavior? May help to point at something that's changed?




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