Latest armbian-zsh package broken?

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Hi, after apt upgrade, armbian-zsh package is upgraded and breaks ZShell on Armbian Focal Desktop.


During initial setup of Armbian on Odroid C4, zsh has been selected as default shell. After recent upgrade of armbian-zsh package, shell is switched back to bash w/o notice.

Unfortunately, armbian-config is not able to switch between shells, so I am stuck with bash and cannot return to zsh.


Is there a way to switch between the shells manually and enable some kind of debug log to see what is going wrong switching shells?


BTW: Switching between bash and zsh on a clean recent Armbian Focal Desktop installation is also not possible. So the problems seem not to be related directly.

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

15 minutes ago, mar0ni said:

armbian-config is not able to switch between shells,

Any error messages?

Can you try something crazy like running it with bash -x armbian-config | tee output.log

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