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How to use X96 Q TV Box Amlogic S905W as wifi repeater

Youness Bouamal

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@Youness Bouamal welcome to the Armbian forums.  First off I want to point you to the following TV Box FAQ post: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first

As you will see in that FAQ, wifi is not something that generally works on the TV boxes.  And even if it does work, the cheap built in antennas don't provide good coverage.  To get better wifi support you likely would need the more expensive TV boxes with external antennas. So while you might be able to get something to work, most likely using external usb wifi adapters, you probably would be better off buying a purpose built device that would likely cost less.

If your goal is to just experiment and see if it can be done, we would love to hear back on your findings for your specific box.


Finally you mention X96Q box.  From what I know the X96Q uses the Allwinner H313 cpu not the Amlogic S905W.  And those Allwinner chips (H313 and H616) are new chips that don't yet have armbian support, so that would be a non-starter.  But the manufactuers are all the time reusing box names for different hardware, so you certainly could have something labeled X96Q that contains an amlogic cpu.  (That is one of the problems supporting TV boxes with armbian is that two identical looking boxes can have completely different components).

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