vontar x3 4gb 1000gb 128 emmc amlogic s9005x3

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I have got broken tv box Vontar X3 S905X3. It has broken EMMC. How can I run this Tv box from sd card without EMMC?
In terminal putty serial:

It run from SD card recovery with AMLogic Burn Card Maker and froze when it try load firmware to EMMC.

How run at sd card something: armbian, LibreElec, or oder linux, android ?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

The short answer is you can't.  The boot process for armbian and libreelec uses the native uboot installed on emmc to start the boot process.  So if your emmc isn't working you can't boot these from an sd card.  Theoretically it is possible if you have a complete proper uboot installed on the sd card, but such a thing doesn't exist around here as that hasn't been the approach to how we have supported amlogic based tv boxes.

Are you sure your emmc is broken?  Have you tried to restore your android firmware to emmc?

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