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reliable (stable) board for car


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Some thoughts:

  • Navigation: Are you sure you will be able to find good navigation software that runs on Linux? IMO Android may be a better choice if navigation is your primary use case.
  • Video recording: Not an expert in this area, but AFAIK you may want hardware video encoding, and I don't know any board that supports this "out of the box", other than Raspberry Pi (which doesn't support Armbian)
  • Antiradar: Again, software is the question, and Android will most likely have what you need. I'm assuming that you will use software based on database of GPS coordinates and not on external sensors that detect radars.
  • OBDII: Well, any board can connect to OBDII adapter with BT or USB interface, and for software - again, Android will probably have what you need.
  • Audio (I'm assuming player) - not a real requirement, you can connect cheap USB sound card to any board if it doesn't have native analog audio output.
  • Stability: will primarily depend on power supply quality because car's 12/24V power is very noisy and unstable.
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