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  1. @MickMake, ...little question; ...Price?
  2. @chwe As I see a friend, you misunderstood my comment If I do not like bananas at all (or am allergic to them) - I do not buy them IN GENERAL (!) And even more I do not look for them in Swiss ALDI And when I see these brown somewhere - I miss them from afar Regards too
  3. @tkaiser Can it be that you are really allergic to bananas? Imagine that quite a lot of people eat the bananas - even the light brown Gruß
  4. Have you tried this path? https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9762017/
  5. My Alfawise Z28 Pro is already on the way. The last firmware: https://mega.nz/#F!PB9UnCgL!Cf9ayThAtVu8hgp-7XrL0g
  6. or ?? same or not same to be or not to be (?)
  7. @lex I think you're right , a month ago, added support M3 (common.c & common.h & ...) . Tomorrow I take out my M3 from the drawer and test . I have Ultrasonic Ranger Sensor and Relay.... Greetings eW
  8. @lex I 'm thinking that Igor has both ... (M3) . (Banana und Nano). And that one day will be the largest Creator of the New World to the M3 .... Thomas don't like bananas Gruß, salute & pozdrav
  9. @lex You can compile armbian for M3 ? ... with kernel... (v4) ... ///..........great , great thanks! .....if your ubuntu does not come by chance from sinovoip ? ...or not ?
  10. soft ... A problem from FriendlyArm Forum: The question: "Hi Devs, Please test the M3 with the latest matrix from git. I am getting failures on initialising PMW & GPIO Regards" And the answer (FATechsupport) "Unfortunately the Matrix code may not work with M2 for now and we haven't tested the code yet. We only tested the code for M1/NEO and Pi2/Fire/M2/T2" Is not it great answer?
  11. ...and aditionally... "Matrix " is not working (on M3), the kernel is only 32-bit
  12. ... Ok , I see no interest , so the question will be formulated somewhat differently; I seeking a board that runs armbian with kernel 4+ support and is very stable
  13. ...for navigation, audio, videorecording, an**radar, obd 2 ... and, and.. Condition - must be stable && fast ??
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