MXQ 4K RK322x - Multitool can't burn to emmc?


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Im trying to burn Armbian for the first time, but i cant flash it for some reason. 


I've burned the image of Multitool on an SD card, then i placed the image of Armbian in the "images" folder, and then i placed the SD card in my box and connected it to the electricity. Multitool loaded fine, and i can see the main blue menu with options such as backup/restore/erase/etc 


My box has eMMC memory (according to specs), but when choosing the "Burn image to flash" in Multitool, i get a message saying "There are no eMMC devices suitable for image burn".

I actually get this message also when trying the Erase option or any other option in Multitool.


How do i overcome this?


Much appreciated 😊

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