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Rockpi 4c mDP not working but ...




Hi. I am going to be crazy with this bad SBC (it is not the RsbPi killer!!). Armbian recognize Bluetooth and the PCIe M.2 drive but not the mDP, that I want because the HDMI one is not well soldered. I need the NVME disk too. But I am writing because in the Radxa forum they said that there is a patch to solve this mDP issue. They told me that it is simple to solve!!! But I did not understand what I can do with these codes. I send the link that they gave to me. Thanks

for the help.



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I don't have the board either, but here is the detail:


The miniDP is usually (exclusively other than this specific board) routed through a TypeC port controller.  As a result, the driver relies on an ext-con node and endpoint to assign the display port.  A patch was submitted that was a bit of a hack to mainline to create a 'virtual' power delivery controller that was permanently stuck in "type-c miniDP alt mode".  This patch did not apply/work for me and the person who was testing it at the time.  They should have just stuck with a TypeC with fusb302, it would have been more useful for anyone not wanting to run the display, and it conforms to the state of the Rockchip codebase.


As I'm about to dig back into all the other boards that implement the expected configuration I'll see if any progress was made on this front.  Without the board it's really hard to debug such an edge case though. 

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